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“Each of us has individual gifts, I can help you find your power and own it. I believe we all have gifts that need to be shared, we never stop learning, and the school of life can be joyous if we allow it. Let me help you find the peace and happiness you deserve”                                                                                

                                                                                                                                                                        Renee Herro

About Renee

Renee has been psychic since early childhood. She has visions early on, inner knowing and has developed abilities to communicate with higher self, spirits, and guides. In her readings, Renee prefers to use YOUR guides in a read to get the information suited for your best interest.

She’s a trained professional not only in Reiki but also spiritual healing. Renee has completed 20 years’ professional readings and is best at energetically removing blockages and teaching the tools needed to create a beautiful future for yourself.

What does AskHealer feel about Renee?

Renee is multi-talented. Be it Reiki, Medium, Energy Healer, Past Life Regression or raise your vibration, working with Renee has multiple benefits. What are your desires, what do you want from life, how do you want to feel, are you living your soul’s path, and what do you want to change?  If you’re looking for these answers, Renee has abilities to show you the path. Call Renee now to enhance living authentically, bringing you freedom, peace, and love.

In the words of Renee, her sincere promise to you!

“I will continue to learn to provide you the highest level of healing in whatever form you need. I will not allow you to become dependent on me; it is not in your best interest. I will continue to reword anything I say you don’t understand until you do understand. I can help you with ideas and solutions to better your life. I have a lot of experience myself overcoming many obstacles. I was born a “problem solver”, for me it’s easy. I believe we all have different gifts and collectively we work together toward peace. Mankind is changing, I’m changing with it, and the universe has a ton to offer. I can help you reap the benefits you deserve.”

What do customers say about her?

“Renee is amazing. I’ve worked with her for years and can say without hesitation her accuracy is astounding and her ability to facilitate my own growth and healing is beyond words. The light that she shares and bring out of her client (me) has raised my vibration by leaps and bounds. She is a gifted healer and intuitive medium. What a blessing.” 

                                                                                                                                                                          Diane Biggs

“Renee is fantastic! Easy to talk to and consistent on her messages. Renee really picked up on a ex relationship and the characteristics of that person. Thanks for all of you help and God bless!”

                                                                                                                                                                 Sommer Fischer

“Renee has to be the best healing light reader around. She has helped me navigate difficult situations and raise my spiritual vibration! Her loving spirit and generous loving light has led me from darkness to love again! Thanks a trillion Renee! Simply —- Outstanding :-0”

Andrea Neiman

How to book your appointment with Renee today!

Payment is accepted through PayPal to reserve time for an appointment.

Appointment Pricing:
15 minutes: $75
30 minutes: $150

From, select Send Money followed by Goods or Services to:

Once you have completed your payment, you can call the number below or send an email to confirm your appointment time.

Office:  (224) 338-0477

Renee Herro

You can reach me –, website –

Renee’s biographic can be found here Her profile on can be found here.


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